The value of Nasal Hygiene

Maintaining good nasal hygiene not only assists your nose in preparing and improving the quality of air you take in, it can also provide additional health benefits, such as enhancing your overall quality of life.

Helps to clean your bodies filter to fight germs and pathogens.

Developed by physicians and scientists

Contains Iota Carregenan

Part of a daily nasal hygiene routine

How do germs and pathogens spread?

  • Airborne particles are released when someone nearby, coughs, sneezes or breathes.
  • Particles can be transmitted into the nazel cavity through the air or by transmission from hands or infected tissues or clothing.

  • Practicing good nasal hygiene by removing and capturing germs and pathogens is one way to stay healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions


How often can I use CTC Nasal Shield?

You can use CTC Nasal Shield as often as you would like each day. We recommend three times daily in each nostril and when you are in a setting where nasal hygiene is desired. 

Why was CTC Nasal Shield developed?

COVID Treatment Clinics believe in the need for daily nasal hygiene. Research has shown that we breathe in as many as 1 million microorganisms every day *. We recommend to our patients that they practice nasal hygiene.

How important is Nasal Hygiene?

COVID Treatment Clinics identify nasal hygiene as an essential part of general wellness. Research has shown that as many as 2000 different microbes may be present in the air we breathe on any given day. We recommend to our patients that they practice nasal hygiene.

Can children use CTC Nasal Shield?

Yes, children over the age of 10 can use CTC Nasal Shield.